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Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting)

fat grafting, fat injection, lip augmentation

State of the art permanent fat transfer by Harold Clavin, M.D., F.A.C.S.-
board certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Fat transfer fills facial features with a patient's own fat. Because the fat comes from your own body, you cannot develop an allergic reaction. Fat transfer to the face is a safe procedure designed to recontour the face and provide definition to cheeks, chin, lips and lower eyes.

fat grafting, fat injection, lip augmentation

Since 1986, Dr. Clavin has been recycling fat, moving it from one location of the body to the other. He has lectured extensively about his techniques to other plastic surgeons but many are unable to achieve the same degree of success in fat transfer as Dr. Clavin. Basically, fat transfer involves suctioning out a small amount of fat from the knees, abdomen or thighs and moving this fat into the facial area (example: laugh lines, frown lines or lips). Dr. Clavin feels that fat transfer is a much more advantageous approach and leads to permanent improved changes in facial contour. Because of Dr. Clavin's success in permanent fat transfer, he does not recommend absorbable fillers (collagen, restylane, hylaform, dermalogen, zyderm, zyplast) to his patients. He never recommends permanent injectable fillers such as silicon, gortex, methyl methacrolate, or artecoll which Dr. Clavin considers unsafe. These permanent fillers can lead to major deformities. Dr. Clavin believes in fat transfer (using your own fat), for safety purposes. Lips are also being permanently enhanced using the fat transfer technique.

This website is intended to give you a basic understanding of fat transfer. For additional information about Dr. Clavin, testimonials, skin care products, and other procedures, refer to Dr. Clavin's main website at: http://www.clavin.com.

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